The athlete, by its nature, subjects his musculoskeletal system to considerable stress, increasing the risk of injury. At the Physioarca Clinic in Küsnacht Goldbach we carry out examinations and treatments to avoid injuries and injuries of a muscular or articular nature, increase physical performance in sports and resolve musculoskeletal pains.

Performing an osteopathic assessment before starting a sport or physical activity allows to prevent injuries because an assessment of tissues and skeletal mobility, allows the osteopath to identify any blocks of skeletal type and direct the person to the most suitable sport and recommend the most appropriate exercises to be done during physical activity.

For example, the parts of the body that are most subject to stress in sport are:

  • RUNNING involves an overload of skeletal muscle in the lower limbs, pelvis and spine.
  • SWIMMIING provides for a great involvement of the upper limbs.
  • At the GYM, special attention must be paid to lifted weights - unsuitable or incorrectly performed exercises can lead to imbalances in our body.
  • CYCLISM and LONG-TIME-TRAINING lead to an overload of the spine due to maintaining an unnatural position for a long time.
  • Through repeated twists and movements, GOLF could lead to both postural and functional imbalances

Osteopathy, in addition to being of great importance in the field of prevention, also plays a strategic role in the field of post-traumatic rehabilitation of athletes. Osteopathic treatments, in fact, combine very well in the medical and physiotherapeutic process for the complete functional recovery of the person.