Trigger Points are areas of dense musculature or fascia that are painful on palpation, points that point towards a condition of continuous pathological contraction.

The pain, very acute and annoying, usually focuses on a point, called precisely trigger, but can involve neighboring areas, precise for each muscle, as reported pain.

When it is useful to treat trigger points

The treatment of trigger points can be very useful in different situations, both to improve health conditions and to increase performance levels. In both cases a hyperalgesia and a functional deficit can create several problems:

Low Back and Lumbar Pain (ileopsoas, pyriform, etc.)
Sciatica and Pyriform Syndrome
Neck Pain (trapezium, ternocleidomastoid, etc.)
Migraine and Chronic Headaches
Epicondylitis and Epitrocleitis

This is just a part of the treatable problems, according to some research in fact the bundled Trigger Points are very intimately related to the autonomic nervous system.

The treatment of the pathogenesis of myofascial Trigger Points leads to many effects directly on the processes governed by this system (such as digestion).

Pathogenetic processes related to trigger zones can thus also create malfunctions (due to blockages of the diaphragm for example) and adhesions at the visceral level leading to symptoms such as gastritis or constipation.