A dysfunction of the J.T.M. or Joints - Temporal - Mandibular is a condition in which one or both joints no longer function according to the physiological norm, in which there is a correct interposition of the articular meniscus between the two articulating heads, that is, between the mandibular condyle and the articular cavity (glenoidea), located in the temporal bones, placed on both sides of the skull.

Each glenoid cavity receives and allows the articulation of one of the two mandibular condyles. Each dysfunction of the J.T.M. gives rise to a more or less marked symptomatological set, in relation to the extent of the lesions caused and the time from which it persists

A Cranial Cervical Mandibular Dysfunction (C.C.M.D.) is the extended clinical expression of an A.T.M. dysfunction, in which the dysfunctional and symptomatological manifestations are expressed not only locally but also in general, with involvement also of the cranio-cervical (dizziness, ear pain, hearing loss, whistling and humming, cervical pain, stiff neck, tingling in the shoulders, upper limbs, hands, paresthesias, etc.).

The different techniques offered by us allow us to alleviate the symptoms and improve the functionality of the aforementioned joint thus preventing the onset of further diseases.