When I had to choose which area to study and then work in, it was difficult for me to detach myself from the medical arts.In addition to being driven by a mere personal curiosity, coming from a family where medicine is tradition I decided to take a completely new and alternative path, so I started first with a degree in physiotherapy at the University of Messina managing to get the highest marks  and then the D.O. diploma in Osteopathy of six years in Milan. During my studies I continued to work in this field both in Italy and in Switzerland. Physical therapist at the Hospital, in private practice, and at Physio University

. I now realize one of my dreams by opening a new clinic in one of the most beautiful parts of Zurich.

With enthusiasm I invite you to visit us.

Therapist Qualifications

 Bachelor in Physiotherapy (Unviersità degli Studi di Messina)
  D.O. (TCIO - Osteopathy School Milan)
  Spinalcord Therapist