What is

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a massage technique developed to drain the lymph present in the body's lymphatic circulation; the lymph is a liquid derived from an ultrafiltrate of the plasma and its circulation in the body takes place through lymphatic vessels.

Main Effects

Manual lymphatic drainage can be used for both medical and aesthetic purposes.

Its main effects are:

  • Anti-Edematous Effect, against swelling, stagnation and cellulite, for the treatment of rheumatic joint and extra-joint disorders;
  • Effect On Immune Defences: in all those cases in which you want to improve local immunity, such as in the case of acne, small wounds or post-operative wounds not in acute phase, in cases of edema of pregnancy, edema in premenstrual syndrome, post-operative edema and trauma;
  • Improvement Of Microcirculation, promoting greater oxygenation of the tissues and visibly improving the tone and general appearance of the skin;
  • Relaxing Effect, for its rhythmic nature and for the characteristic lightness of the touching manoeuvres;
  • Regenerating Effect thanks to the improvement of microcirculation, therefore useful to use manual lymphatic drainage in case of skin diseases.