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60 min. - CHF 108

30 min. . CHF 54


Payable by TWINT, EC-Card or Cash


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Massage has many wellness benefits to both your body and nervous system.

Studies show that regular professional massage is good for:

Disruptions Of The Musculoskeletal System (due to false posture or musculoskeletal imbalance)
Chronic Pain
Tension Headache

Nowadays the smartphone has become to a natural extension of our arm. As a result of this, our body tends to a rounded posture. The longer and more often a person remains in this unfavourable „display-starring“ position, the more shoulders fall forward, neck muscles overstretch, thoracic muscles shorten and the vertebral column is stressed. Persistent tension, headache and as a worst case scenario degeneration of intervertebral discs can be the result.

Professional massage therapy has not only positive effects to your fascia and muscles but also to your skin, connective tissue, organs and last but not least to your brain. Your mental well-being will be increased significantly.

Regular massage as prevention helps to avoid persistent tension and chronic pain.