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Originating long time ago, our ancestors already gained an intuitive access to the humans regulatory circuit and its analogy in the feet.

Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, approaches each human in a holistic view, which means in respect to the each individuals possibilities of regeneration. It does not fight against or subdue symptoms but supports the self-healing effect.

The different areas of the feet are no reflexes in terms of the nervous system. The term „reflex“ has to be understood as a reflection of a huge picture on the small surface of a reflex camera. The analogy between a human sitting and his foot, shows the relationship between the foot as micro- and the whole human as macro-system.

Different client reactions to the application of pressure to the feet with specific thumb techniques, allow a customised treatment to each individuals state of health and clinical picture, as for example digestion problems, migraine, gynaecological cycle problems, static problems due to false posture or lymphatic issues.