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Physiotherapy is an essential branch of Rehabilitation Medicine necessary to resolve many of the traumatic and post-operative osteoarticular pathologies and neurological events that compromise the patient's motor function.


Physioarca is a cutting-edge centre in Motor and Neuromotor Rehabilitation Physiotherapy.

We are able to study the best rehabilitative-therapeutic project for each patient, assisting him/her in every phase of the therapeutic program until its complete functional recovery.



Our Therapists

Ferdinando Arcà

Ferdinando Arcà

Physical Therapist, Osteopath and Spinalcord Therapist

When I had to choose which area to study and then work in, it was difficult for me to detach myself from the medical arts...

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Patricia Noseda

Patricia Noseda

Massage Therapist

Following many years in the finance industry and after giving birth to my two children, I decided to start a new career as massag...

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